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Bringing It Back…

Well, I usually write about health and food and exercise, but I recently read an article about old games that I used to play, and I thought I would write about that instead today. My thoughts are this: kids rarely play outside any more. Kids play video games, or they play on iPads, or use … Continue reading

This Photo Means SO Much!

I saw this today online. It made me feel so good because it is so true. I know how much I am supposed to weigh, at least on a doctor’s chart. I do not own a scale. Can I repeat that? I DO NOT OWN A SCALE. I used to own one and I would … Continue reading

5 Ways to Finally Stay Back on the Exercise Track!

In a recent article I read in the New York Times health section, it stated that the minimalist workout is now gaining more popularity than the traditional types of exercise. DUH! Let’s see… exercise for 25 minutes, high intensity, or 45 minutes to an hour running or biking? It seems that the average person would … Continue reading

Back to Reality

So, I have been on and off with exercise and healthy eating for the past few months. I have had  few passionate days and then more LESS passionate days. I do not know why? So, I have to motivate myself again. I know all the moves. I know what to eat. I know how. So … Continue reading

25 Reasons to Work Out Today!

25. These reasons, I have found to be true and necessary. Life is good. Love it. Live it. Because it makes you feel confident Because it helps you get stronger Because exercise helps combat depression Because you’ll feel proud of yourself Because you have goals you want to reach Because you’ll feel bad if you … Continue reading

All about me today.

So, here I am. I have to say I am pretty happy. Life is good. No complaints. Truly. I ran another 5K on Saturday and my body is still sore. I did not prepare, like I should have. I ran it in a little over 36 minutes. I only jogged a few times prior to … Continue reading

Motivation Wall

I saw this.. and I agree. If you have motivational words surrounding you, then you will change. It is inevitable. Also, put up pictures of your goals… they will be achieved!

I Broke My Addiction… to cereal

Yes. It has been a year and a half, since I have had cereal. Cereal is defined as: noun 1. any plant of the grass family yielding an edible grain, as wheat, rye, oats, rice, or corn. 2. the grain itself. 3. some edible preparation of it, especially a breakfast food (dictionary.com). I used to … Continue reading

Amazing Video on Weight Loss Foods

http://www.beyonddiet.com/l/th2-v1-st0-ofr1?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=ads_dco-us&food=blueberry&gclid=CLGKhsDAz7UCFad_QgodIWcA4A I found this video. It explains weight loss foods extremely well.

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