I am here to talk about how YOU can be healthier! I am an English professor by day, and a health coach by night.

First, when you are ready we will need to go over your goals. You need to discuss all health issues with me and your health provider. Make sure you are able to change your eating and exercising program, by discussing it with your health provider.

I will discuss all areas that you would like to change, physically and mentally. We will work on an eating and exercising regime. I will put you on a strict eating plan. If you want change you must change. If you want change and you want to maintain your changes, you will need to rework your entire outlook on food. This is not a diet. This is a life altering experience. You will learn to look at food differently. You will learn to cook better and healthier. I promise.

Exercising will become fun. You will want to exercise to maintain your health. I will tai­lor a spe­cific pro­gram that fits for you with your busy sched­ule, your goals and your cur­rent health and well­ness lev­els.

My ser­vices will help equip you to be more con­fi­dent and pow­er­ful in order to make last­ing pos­i­tive changes for your­self. Work­ing with me as your own Health & Well­ness Coach will give you the best pos­si­ble chance to reach and main­tain your own per­sonal well­ness goals. I am here to work with you towards your vision of the BEST you. The Whole you!



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    Posted by Marpay Fitness | July 3, 2013, 1:54 am

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