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Bringing It Back…

Well, I usually write about health and food and exercise, but I recently read an article about old games that I used to play, and I thought I would write about that instead today. My thoughts are this: kids rarely play outside any more. Kids play video games, or they play on iPads, or use their mom’s iPhones.. all of the time. I recently taught an art class to kids, and after 5 minutes of drawing with me, the 6 year old says to his mom, “This is boring, can I please have my phone?”

I was shocked! WHAT? Not draw? Not paint? Play on the cell phone??!! Oh man. Life has changed. When I was a kid, I played outside. I climbed trees, ran around, built a tree house (with dad), rode my bike, went to the park, swam in the pool, and I also made up games to play with my brother and sisters. We played “Cops,” and we would pull each other over on our bikes ’cause we were speeding. That’s pretty funny; we were only 9. We also made flower bouquets and sold them to our neighbors for pennies (it was their flowers.. shhhhh!).

My point is that kids used to play and create and use their imaginations. What happened? Are parents lazy? Is it just easier to give your kid an iPad? Maybe. But, are our children loosing the ability to think? Is there research about this yet? I remember the original Nintendo and Mario. I was allowed to play for one hour maximum after all of my homework was complete. That was it. It was more on the weekends, but it still was only allowed for a few hours then. My parent were strict about it. Maybe games can be used as a reward, rather than a play time activity all of the time? Can this be done?

Remember hop-scotch? Chalk on the sidewalk? Hula hoops? Jump rope? Roller skating? Even playing marbles!!?? C’mon parents, Bring it Back!!!!


Here is the article I read… http://www.nannyjobs.org/blog/50-old-fashioned-games-kids-can-play/


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