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Happy Holidays

How to not stuff yourself at the Chanukkah and Christmas dinners and parties… This has been pondered and written about for years. I know you (and I) want to try and eat everything. So, how to do it? Take a little and only a little? Do not go for seconds? Only have a piece of the dessert? One dessert?

Well, maybe you can focus on only eating “bad” on those days, but very healthy on the other days. OR you can have a great small breakfast, knowing that you will have SO many calories and fat later. GO for a jog the next day. I have. I will. It works. It helps, I promise.

Last night I went to a Chanukkah party and ate EVERYTHING.. well, almost. During the day I had Herbalife shakes, and water. I was fine, BUT I was too full. This morning I went for a walk/jog. I felt better. Does this happen to everyone? Do we all gain weight during the holidays? The damn chocolate is everywhere… even in the doctor’s office; EVERYWHERE… it is screaming at me, “EAT ME, EAT MEEEEEEEE!”

Well, all I can say is that I will try to maintain my daily eating habits, which are pretty good, and then just prepare and exercise around those pesky holiday parties. Good Luck! Happy Holidays!!

I found this article:

I am not a fan of the WIKI, but this does give some good tips.



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2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

  1. Unfortunately, the Holidays are all about over-indulgence and excess. The key, I guess, would be to not over-over indulge! go for it….and ENJOY!

    Happy Holidays…

    Posted by Kevin J. Parham | December 12, 2012, 8:46 pm

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