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Great Way to Think About Your Plate!

Plate ratio I saw this photo and thought, WOW ingenious! This is such a great idea. If we all separated our plates like this, and made it a habit, then it might just be easier to create our meals. Yes? Sure? It certainly takes the thought of how much protein; how many veggies. What do you think?

First we need to think about cooking, and what and recipes and shopping… I think as long as we buy good whole foods, this should be easy. Make your shopping list include proteins, vegetables, fruits, and some starches. Shop the perimeter of the market. You know… produce, meats, dairy, breads. Stick to the healthy stuff people. I can! I do! Have a start date. Give yourself cheat days or meals. I do! Include nuts and seeds for snacks. Fruit for snacks, is a great option.

Today for breakfast I had a hard boiled egg, a nectarine, and my vitamin. I am trying not to eat too much bread anymore. Bread makes me bloat and feel too full. Lunch today, I will be making salmon salad. I mix a can of salmon, a spoonful of vegenaise, some hot sauce, and yellow peppers or red peppers. It is delish! No bread either. I just use a spoon. I sometimes add in a chopped hard boiled egg too. I have wrapped that in a huge romaine lettuce leaf before as well, like a wrap? It is just as good, but adds a crunch. Snack today will be almonds and sunflower seeds and grapes. Dinner tonight… hmmm…. I am thinking a salad with chicken in it with balsamic dressing.

Sounds like a good day of eating to me!


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I have just become a health and wellness coach! I am here to: - set and accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting - work to achieve and maintain your ideal weight - understand and reduce your cravings - increase your energy levels - feel great in your body - learn about new foods and how you can easily incorporate them - be more self-assured!!! - discover the confidence to create the life you want


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